Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Poems Written With Only Song titles and lyrics.. Pretty Awesome!!

Without You

Could I have this kiss? Or am I in over my head…
Because you know, whatever it takes I’ll be watching you

Take my hand and lean on me, and then you’ll know how to save a life
In the end, I will always love you
So remember me because it’s not over with you, so don’t say goodbye

And who am I?
I’m just a kid...
Teenage life is so complicated.
But that’s the youth of the nation
So Welcome to my life.
Do you know I can be your hero baby.
I’ll be your guardian angel, and I’ll be there for you
There’s nothing better then when I see you smile
I will be your superman, you can be my kryptonite, my one weakness

So Meet with me, Because im for you
You’ve got me feelin’ so fly
Because without you I have no air
Baby lets take a chance, A chance to love
How can I live without you?

By: Amanda Pirot & Delanie Testerman

Its Over

Its too little to late to apologize
I know your unfaithful
Its tearing up my heart
Its gonna be me, falling inside the black
Lose yourself, Escape, Run away
Through the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

What hurts the most ,here in your arms
Is knowing your not mine
Your killing me softly
How can you say you love me
You cant even look into my eyes
I love you even if you don’t love me

They say that breaking up is hard to do
Leave It up to me
Its overI gave you a chance
I want it that way
So Say Goodbye

By: Amanda Pirot & Delanie Testerman


NJewel said...


Thanks for the heads up on the site. The poems are awesome. Keep it up. You have a talent. Dont look so depressed. You have everything to look forward to. See you on Sunday.

Your sister in Christ,

Jesus4Ever said...

Its not depression, just hard to find a happy song or at least enough to make a poem out of haha, but it would be hard to write poems about my personal life, that would be hard because im in the middle, not depressed, not happy, im neutral! haha